State Lawmakers Seek Public Input on Road and Bridge Improvements
The Future of Alabama's Roads

State Lawmakers Seek Public Input on Road and Bridge Improvements

by Alan Collins via FOX 6 News (WBRC)

SHELBY COUNTY, AL (WBRC) – A second meeting was held Tuesday to hear about the need to find more money for repairing Alabama roads and bridges.

The Joint Transportation Committee listened to those who say the state had to find more money to improve roads and bridges for safety reasons.

Most of those who addressed the group say leadership is needed to support a push for more revenue where ever it may come.

The group met at American Village in Shelby County. County Manager Alex Dubchock told the lawmakers the future of economic development for the ever-growing county depends on improved roads and bridges.

Also on hand were Jefferson County officials who say the county cannot meet the needs of fixing roads and replacing bridges with existing funds.

The County Commissions Association of Alabama is pushing for money funds. Executive Director Sonny Brasfield says the all the projects will be accountable for taxpayers.

“The public’s ability to know what projects are going to be constructed beforehand. The public’s ability to look at the construction as it’s moving forward and here at the end of the year we will provide an accounting on how we expended the money. We believe the public deserves that,” said Sonny Brasfield, Executive Director of the County Commissions Association of Alabama.

Only one spoke against the idea. Sarah Stokes with the Southern Environmental Law Center told the lawmakers her group did not want to give more money to ALDOT accusing the agency of wasting tax dollars on projects like the northern beltline.

The next meeting is next week in Mobile. Then a meeting is set for Dothan. Lawmakers may vote on a tax in regular session next month.

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  • Bill Nelson - 02/12/2016

    Yesterday’s issue of the Times Daily in Florence Alabama stated that Colbert County engineer John Bedford was disappointed that no one had commented on road and bridge needs. I was not aware of this web site nor do I see any place on the site seeking public input. However, I wish to express the need for centerline reflectors , or at least, better striping on Gnatt Pond Road in Colbert County. This two lane road begins at the Constellium plant on Second Street and goes south. Many 18 wheeler trucks travel this road and one cannot tell where the center or edge of the road is when meeting a vehicle at night.